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KUNM Jazz Radio Show April 12, 2012

Mark Weber at the old Wheatstone console | KUNM | w/ Doug Lawrence | May 15, 1997

April 12, 2012
83 minutes of jazz @ Noon (Mountain Standard Time)
KUNM Albuquerque
89.9 FM
also streaming on the web >  KUNM.org

Guests today include Doug Lawrence, Dan Trudell, and Tom Guralnick. Doug lives in Albuquerque and whenever he gets in off the road from world tours with the Count Basie Orchestra we like to have him on the Thursday jazz show. He’ll be playing a special Members Only date this same night at the Outpost Performance Space, and that’s where Dan Trudell comes in. Doug flies Dan in from Chicago to put some Hammond B3 under his tenor saxophone. Tom is the maverick producer and general manager of the Outpost and is always welcome on the Thursday jazz shoe.

Doug Lawrence & his alma mater Highland High School Hornets marching band equipment truck | August 30, 2011 | Photo by Mark Weber

Tom Guralnick | October 10, 1999 | Photo by Mark Weber

John Trentacosta, drums; Doug Lawrence, tenor; Dan Trudell, organ |  Albuquerque Museum Outdoors | June 11, 2o11 | Photo by MW