Climate change over the slow millennia
              is natural as the Earth’s relationship with
                   the sun & moon ebbs & flows
Sudden global warming however is ill-omen’d
I haven’t worn my winter coats in two
              going on three years
It has been that sudden
This will be the second year the leaves
on the mulberry tree have not fallen
The butterflies returned to our mountains
               this year in very small numbers
Instead, the gnats have multiplied
Will they become a swarm?
Things like an inland sea can breach,
               surging into the Atlantic turning
the ocean’s currents, drastically cooling
especially Europe [vide 12,900-11,700 BP]
for a brief thousand-year return to Ice Age conditions
The worst is yet to come, and not far
in advance of
what will be the end of the Holocene
There’s just too many humans, and all
with individual needs, clawing at
survival, the Earth is changing

They say with warmer climate
There’ll be more rain, but it’ll be
torrential inundation Biblical deluge
A washout
No more will we luxuriate
                   in the gentle rain
Rain will be a terror
Rain the destroyer
“That’s an umbrella,” you’ll tell the child
“What’s it do?”
“It’s for keeping dry in the rain”
It seems quaint, you explain, not so
long ago they were useful, before
the very sky turned against us, soon
as there’s a break we need
move to higher ground


  1. Andrea Wolper

    Hi! I love the skeleton photo.
    I always get your emails twice – I seem to be on two lists.
    This one, and the one that said “my latest screed,” which I see is from a different email address.
    Since the content is the same, can you remove me from one?
    I hope things are going well with you and Janet and life in general.
    Love, Andrea

  2. David Parlato

    Hey Mark,

    If you are cool with it, I would still be interested in mailing addresses for Cal Haines and Bobby Shew.


  3. Bill Payne

    Hi Mark,

    Hope you are doing well. My job at the medical center ended last week because they are farming out the medical records, insurance and coding to a company in India. Luckily I was able to find a new job quickly and I will start this Monday. I will be a medical records tech at Comprehensive Cancer Center, I got a $7.00 an hour raise, I am really fortunate….Life Goes On

    Your post has blocked me from leaving comments for some reason. I really enjoyed the article and photograph. I was going to mention that I feel that we are doomed. All this mumbo-jumbo that we get from world leaders are just words, everything that they talk about will get caught up in red tape, politics and money (in my opinion). I pray that I am wrong…

    I’m off the soap box now.

    How are you?


  4. Carol Tristano

    Wow! Very far out poem Mark and sadly, fitting photograph (but I like the touch of humor – what else have we got!).

  5. Carol Van

    Your musings mark you as a muse to the mu-sic. Thank you, with love.

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