zen.jpgCover Art by Scott Virtue “Kazutoki Umezu & Don Byron Duo, Knitting Factory, May 10, 1996 NYC”

featuring: Janet Simon, Tom Guralnick, Simon Welter, Roy Durfee, J.A.Deane, Eileen Sullivan, Alicia Ultan, Katie Harlow, Stefan Dill, Courtney Smith, Justine Flynn, Mark Weaver, Tommy, Lou Morales, Michael Anthony, Diego Arencon, Brent Leake, Paul Pulaski, Aaron Davidson, Jane Flynn, David Parlato, Patti Littlefield, Larry Goodell, Melissa Payne, Myra Melford, Brent T. Leake, J.B.Bryan, Ken Keppeler, Jeanie McLerie, Tom and Antonia Apodaca, Todd Moore and Mark Weber.


The idea for this show is audience-centric. One of the biggest kicks in life is sitting in an audience whatching a liver performance. I do a lot of that. And one night sitting out there I got to thinking what’d it be like to see a whole bunch of quick musical sets all in a row. Of course, the tried & true format of the 50-minute set is unassailably the perfect window. I’m not intending to buck that. It’s just that, sitting there, one begins to wonder. In fact, Elvis’s early career (pre-Army) was entirely 15-minute wham bam thank you ma’am concerts. Not that anybody in this revue has aspirations to do an Elvis. Or, maybe they do? What do I know, I haven’t looked around in any of their closets. SO, this is an audience-centric concept. Something delicious for concert goers. So, I rented the Outpost and called all these artistical musicians to help me out. —Mark Weber 14aug96