page3I’m a slow reader –my wife says, “But, you really absorb everything you read” well, I’m not so sure that’s true it’s all a gloss sort of hazy more of a sensory memory I can’t even tell you what I’ve read afterwards if it was good, I’ve become a cloud, full in a blue sky if it was very good, I’ve become the warm fire in a cottage in a forested mountain valley if it was glorious and ennobling I’ve become merely myself in the best of all possibilities

Mark Weber / 22dec07

AVT_Gerald-Locklin_816But She Did Have Bananas Today
I’m afraid it’s going to take me
The rest of my life
To get the perfect bi-lingual phrasing
For my masterpiece.
In which I immortalize a guy
Who thought Edith Piaf was declaring
In the climactic song of her career
Not that she had no regrets,

But that she had no egrets.

Gerald Locklin


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