The Elite Syncopations Jazz Radio Show | 26, July 2012

Rosedale Cemetery, 1831 W. Washington Blvd, Los Angeles — April 26, 1981 — photo by Mark Weber

The Elite Syncopations Jazz Radio Show

July 26, 2o12 – 83 minutes of jazz @ Noon every Thursday – Host MARK WEBER – KUNM Albuquerque, USA – 89.9 FM (Mountain Standard Time) also streaming on the web > – bCurrent time zone offset: UTC*/GMT -6hours (*Coordinated Universal Time)/Greenwich Mean Time)

As the idea of Eric Dolphy fades further into the past I reflect upon how much he meant to my generation — If I remember correctly the first Dolphy I heard was his album OUT TO LUNCH, but it could have been LAST DATE, those two albums were magical to me, I have such fond memories of the excitement I had for this music, those giant intervallic jumps of Dolphy on bass clarinet, the fleet alto incisiveness — and the photos of Dophy were inspiring as an ideal of bohemianism (he was very photogenic) — one by one I bought every album of Dolphy’s from Tower Records on Sunset — I suspect Marty Krystall has the same early memories of Dolphy — we’ll ask him this Thursday on the radio show in a LIVE CONVERSATION from his home in Los Angeles via telephone.

Marty Krystall has absolute command of the bass clarinet, his tone and attack and shaping of notes is effortless — I might even venture he is the best I’ve ever heard on that instrument.

When I think about Marty I think about what is it that makes an artist in America these days? It is certainly not anything you choose as a “career” — rather, you are born to it — so, then, my further question is How is it that a person continues on this path? Marty came on the scene in the 1970s and if you ever heard him you never forgot him. I look forward to talking with him.

( I have subsequently had Misha Mengelberg and Han Bennink autograph my Lp copy of LAST DATE.)

Eric Dolphy is buried in Rosedale Cemetery west of downtown Los Angeles, as is Art Tatum and Henry Miller — The Krystall Palace, where Marty and family live, overlooks this graveyard — where the past is laid to rest.

Rosedale Cemetery, 1831 W. Washington Blvd, Los Angeles — April 26, 1981 — photo by Mark Weber


  1. Marty Krystall

    I moved to Roosevelt Ave., just a block west of Normandie Ave and Washington in 1988 and can see the huge eucalyptus tree canopy of this cemetery from my upstairs sun porch. I live in one of the first houses every built in Los Angeles (1908) in the neighborhood of Harvard Heights. We had to disconnect all of the gas lines running through the walls that supplied gaslight. Electric power came in while the house was being built, so electric wires were installed next to the gas pipes, and there were only four electrical outlets in the entire 3,000 sq ft home. There were, however, two electric wall sconces in the each bedroom upstairs and the downstairs library panelled in Douglas fir. Rosedale Cemetery is much more crowded now, with many large and gaudy statues competing for limited space. I have yet to visit and take the tour.

  2. Mark Weber

    Marty, I always think of that area (where you live) as the West Adams District — wasn’t the It Club around there somewhere, on Washington Blvd? Where clubs like Tommy Tucker’s was (1970s) and is the Parisian Room too far west on Washington (at LaBrea) to be consider’d West Adams? And of course Ray Charles RPM Studios is on
    Washington only a few blocks west of where you live ( ! )

  3. Mark Weber

    THe EliTe sYncopaTioNs jAzz radio show
    July 26, 2o12 KUNM Albuquerque
    Host Mark Weber
    1. theme–music by M.Vlatkovich & Cal Haines
    2. Mojave “We’ve Heard it All Before” GUNSMOKE
    3. Marty Krystall “Round & Round” LIQUID
    4. Krystall Klear & the Buells “Ben Addiction”
    5. MW’s “hydrophone” gag spot
    6. Swingrass “Mainstem” 1983
    7. Live telephone conversation with MARTY
    KRYSTALL from Los Angeles
    8. Krystall Klear & the Buells “Igor’s Blues”
    9. SILVER SCREEN IN BLUE “The Bad and the
    Beautiful” 2009 (K2B2 Records)

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