Mark Weber | Standing Next To Myself | Zerx Records 064


AFTER-THOUGHTS I’ve become less and less sure that the world needs another poetry CD. I suppose that’s why…

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Zerx 064 – Released: June 2011 in a CDR format. Cover art by Hank Schuyler

Track 1 | session April 25, 2004 KUNM Studio A, engineer Ethan Stein. Mark Weber Poetry Band: Mark Weber — piano & text & tone row; Michael Vlatkovich — trombone; Mark Weaver — tuba; Alicia Ultan — viola; Lisa Polisar — flute. tone tow: C-E-F-A-F-E-C

i dreamed one last time to be floating above
it all to be outside the concerns of my kind
and the flesh and the death and even so
i was till at the wheel of my truck come
the long way around to a house that i was to
paint the color of the rio grande in fall
but first i had to put a ladder to the roof so
the people could gather down and then it was
lunchtime and they all wanted a piece of my
sammich which was okay because i was seriously
trying to lose some weight and with my wife’s
cooking that’s not easy i dreamed one last
time to be floating on a river of paint and
that paint would make everything better again
you just roll it on and smell the new freshness
set a few flowerpots in the windowsill and
throw the dog a bone such fullness of sky
fills the mind with highway hum you’re going
out to the back plateau dotted mesas luxurious
ponderosas those clouds have called you out
of town maybe you want to make a bed out of
some of them clouds and sleep in them but
you’re already asleep remember? this is a
traveling brings you back around to yourself

Mark Weber 13nov01