The Bubbadinos | The Band Only A Mother Could Love | CD

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As it sez right there on the slip cover, Ultra Americana Deluxe. And may I just add to…

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Ultra Americana Deluxe

THE BUBBADINOS: Stefan Dill – flamenco guitar, double-neck electric, hubcaps. Mark Weaver – tuba, trombone, hubcaps. Ken Keppeler – banjo, harmonica, mandolin, accordion, harmony vocal, gritas de Lobo Mexicano, fiddle, jaw harp. Bubba D – lap steel, bass flute, piano, bells, Schroeder piano. Mark Weber – Okie guitar, vocals, violin, piano.

Recorded on May 9,1999 in Albuquerque (except solo tracks) Recording and Mastering by Quincy Adams. Mixed by DQW w/assist from The Jackson Pollock Memorial Ambiance Enhancement Device Pallbearers — Craig Goldsmith & Queenellen, and thanks to Julie Weaver for the use of her piano on track 12. ZERX # 021

Tracklist: 1. Death Don’t Have No Mercy (Trad.) (4:02) 2. Suzy Got Famous, Then She Got Dead (2:03) 3. Bars of the Prison – Ken solo (1:36) 4. Trooper’s Return (2:14) 5. The Living End (2:36) 6. Goin’ Home – Dino solo (2:13) 7. You Are My Sunshine (Davis & Mitchell) (2:52) 8. Greenville (Lucinda Williams) (3:30) 9. Hard Times (Stephen Foster) (2:44) 10. Winter of ’99 (3:36) 11. Singing the Blues (MelvinEndslyy) (1:10) 12. Poundin’ the Ivories – Weber solo (:54) 13. Clementine (:51) 14. Yankee Doodle (1:11) 15. O Susanna (:34) 16. Glory Camp (1:13) 17. Closer Walk With Thee – Weaver solo (2:08) 18. There’s Always Mexico (1:22) 19. Cielito Lindo (1:03) 20. poem/Ashokan Farewell (Weber/Jay Ungar) (4:16) 21. Amazing Grace – Stefan solo (2:17) 22. The Mountain (Steve Earle) (3:15) 23. The Big Offramps of Life (3:26) 24. Party Line (3:57) 25. O Bury Me Not (:16)

The first time that I brought my “fretless mountain dulcimer” (dulce=sweet) to a Bubbadinos session, after Big Web heard me play it he immediately re-named it the “acerbis” (acerbic=sour). J.A. Deane

“As it sez right there on the slip cover, Ultra Americana Deluxe. And may I just add to that, here and right now, that these here Bubbadinos continue to explore the EXTREMELY alt. Western kinda canyons even Johnny Dowd merely peers down every now and then… provide more than their fair share of Uneasy Listening Pleasure… Turn it on, tune in, drop far out.” — Gary “Pig” Gold, In Music We Trust, March 2003

“Tenuousness, trepidation, drought, locust, musica antigua, cant & want, pock-marked chrome, lapsed backyard hallucinations, clippity-clop cowboys & Indians, flat tires, cloven-hoofed, low odds, dice, subdural hematoma, jail house coffee, bellybutton lint… It is easy to say you have to hear it but you have to hear it. And once you hear it you say, I gotta hear it again. And again.” — Michael Basinski, The Hold, November 2000