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I intentionally kept a very primitive (punk rock) relationship with the instrument over the life of the band…

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THE BUBBADINOS: Mark Weaver – tuba | Stefan Dill – flamenco guitar, ’59 Strat, trumpet | Bubba D – lap steel, bass flute, piano, drums | Mark Weber – vocals, guitar, violin, harmonica | Ken Keppeler – violin, mandolin, banjo, accordion, harmonica.

Recorded by Manny Rettinger. Mixed by DQW. Mastered at Quincy Adams Productions. All done during 1998 in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

“The quiet before the storm. Lonesome whippoorwill. My grandfather used to call me up and say, “Mark, when’re we gonna make some music?” and I’d haul over to his place and we’d make some. Will the rappers someday be able to call their grandkids and ask the same?” — Mark Weber

Tracklist: 1. Lone Prairie (1:25) 2. Fading Into The Sunset (Johnny Mercer) (3:53) 3. Nuevo Sukiyaki (Nakamura/Rokusuke) (1:22) 4. 11 Months & 29 Days (Paychcck/Sherrill) (3:31) 5. John Fahey’s Last Bottle (1:58) 6. Walking the Floors Over You (Ernest Tubb) (3:42) 7. Cherokee Hawkin’s Fear Song (1:37) 8. Autumn Going Away (4:32) 9. Walking By Myself (Jimmy Rogers) (2:16) 10. Procrastinator’s Interlude (1:12) 11. O Bury Me Not/On the Trail (trad./Grofe) (6:03) 12. Rusty Cars (Weber/Weaver) (2:29) 13. My Blue-Eyed Jane (Jimmie Rodgers) (2:56) 14. Dimestore Wrangler Blues (:46) 15. Love Song of the Starved & Broke (2:29) 16. Gothic Interlude (1:19) 17. Nothin Happenin (1:37) 18. Pastoral in Open D (4:59) 19. Call It What You Want (1:56) 20. Albuquerque Nocturne (8:01) ZERX 014

I intentionally kept a very primitive (punk rock) relationship with the instrument over the life of the band (which is allot harder than one might think). I tried to come at the instrument at each session with a complete lack of technique, full on energy and all ears. The theory was “if you just keep the bar moving, you’re bound to be close to something that’s gonna work”. Of course this also meant that I couldn’t really reproduce anything I played which I think really drove Weber a little crazy at the time, but it had to be done. At recording sessions when Quincy would ask “who wants dino in the headphones”, there would be a resounding “NO”. J.A. Deane