concert improvisations

1. SOLODINO(excerpt) 2. DREAM TIME —[10:08] 3. DARKBLUEMOON — [6:42] 4. CROSSCURRENTS — [9:37]

DINO: J.A. Deane

Trombone/Electronics/Standing Waves/Sampler

#1 Recorded in concert at Turner Carroll Gallery (By DNODB1) A 1998 SOLODINO Performance, Santa Fe, N.M. #2,3,4 Recorded in concert at Keller Hall (By Manny Rettinger) For the 1999 composers symposium University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, N.M.

Mastered at Quincy Adams Productions — Albuquerque, N.M. Linocut by Mark Weber. Drawing by Aldo. All (C) and (P) 1999 Indoor Life Music

(Headphones Highly Recommended)

— for LEENA —

The trombone as space ship. Seance. Conveyance to the other side. Eine Kleine Nachtmusik. When I made the Linocut for this sleeve I forgot to mirror-image the letters (oops) but Colleen insisted I leave it because it looks like the words are on a glass wall and we’re inside looking out. — Mark Weber

He lights fires. He puts them out. He doesn’t do weddings. He won’t dance. He takes his instrument into his hands, as an attenuator of raw power. He succeeds. All the particles come together. In perfect unpredictable command of the heuristic process. Art is expression. No other way to make such dizzying overlaps of layered waves of sound-shale seem so gaspingly interesting. Okay, he uses some electronic purolator filter piston engine-ing, but that’s okay. Mostly it all occurs in real time, which, thankfully, has only a slight connection to the mental arena we each inhabit in our so-called personal life. We get to take a ride, go outside, hide, connect, exit our own containers, while hearing, or let’s say experiencing. This is blessedly right. — Melody Sumner Carnahan, 2011

J.A. Deane | Photo by Mark Weber