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"We Meet Again" (2o13) by Joie Villeneuve

“We Meet Again” (2o13) by Joie Villeneuve

I, more than anyone I know
need to pause
the food, the apple, the
carrot, the plate
and think about
the amazing confluence
of inter-connections
such a thing like an apple
in such interdependence with myself:

That the Earth, this water planet, is just
the right distance from the sun

That the molecules gyrating in this apple cosmos
shall now pulse in my blood

Circulating in the universe of my body
thrown open before the swirling wind —

Now, I need learn the way into blessing.

Mark Weber, 5-9july13


  1. Andrea Wolper

    What a beautiful poem. Thank you.

  2. Connie Crothers

    Very beautiful. The poem – – – a blessing.

  3. Sheila Jordan

    It’s just another wonderful, soulful poem by a fantastic human being….you made my year…..Love Sheila

  4. david parlato

    I’ve always been stunned by the beautiful inward twisting turning of logic that the Buddhist teaching of interdependence invokes. It’s appeal is a vast sense of wonder and peace of mind that comes from being connected to everything. Being “right size.” Supported and supporting. Perfectly fitted puzzle pieces.

    I feel blessed when I read your poem.

    Thanks, Mark!

  5. Alex Cline


    It’s as if you have been spending your recent days studying and practicing with my teacher! Beautiful insight beautifully expressed. Again, a deep bow of gratitude to you.

  6. JB Bryan


    bluejays fly amongst the lotus blossoms,
    roots growing in the muddy bottom

    huckleberry finn lit out for the territories,
    but now the territories light us up!

    obviously mark weber lives inside a beautiful painting
    as the mystic nectar of birdsong.

    or is that him up there
    in the top of an apple tree sipping some breeze?

  7. Katja

    The poem and the painting play off each other so nicely, each adding another layer of feeling to the other. A sweet reminder to slow your pace and notice subtle delicate and rich meaningful joy. Beautiful, thanks Joie and Mark for sharing what’s in you!

  8. m vlatkovich

    I really enjoy the way the painting and the poem relate to one another. I think the colors/intent are very similar.

  9. Joan Jobe Smith

    This fine and mellow poem reveals mark weber’s poem lives and
    breathes inside him as fine and mellow as he lives and breathes . . .
    where mark goes, so goes his poetry.

    Joie’s art an elegant soul-accompaniment to mark’s poem.

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