Gas Station Pismo Beach, California 1970’s | Photo: Mark Weber

Essentially, we all
drift through life
Like a dream . . . .
aaeven as
much as we intend to direct ourselves, oh, in the many
endeavors, that seem to require
………our attention
Yes, a dream, as I get older it all seems like a dream
It’s not as if I remember everything . . .
after all, our lives are a mist, the gossamer curtains
gentle breeze . . .
The 1970s for me, it seems I was drifting continuously . . .
This photo of Pismo Beach I find in a box, more dreamlike than real . . .
California used to be full of these little fog-bound coastal towns lost in time
there were sand dunes at Pismo, you could sleep there among the dunes
lay there watching the stars and listening to the ocean
Staring out in space once more trying to fathom the conundrum
that the universe never ends . . .

Mark Weber | 6feb10