Elite Syncopations Jazz Radio Show | May 2nd 2013

Lew Tabackin & Tom Guralnick in the Outpost parking lot — July 24, 2o10 — photo by Mark Weber


May 2, 2013 – Jazz @ Noon every Thursday (starts at 12:07 after the satellite news) Host MARK WEBER – KUNM Albuquerque, USA – 89.9 FM (Mountain Standard Time) also streaming on the web > KUNM.org – Current time zone offset: UTC*/GMT -6 hours (*Coordinated Universal Time)/Greenwich Mean Time)


Somehow twenty-five years has gone by since opening of Outpost Performance Space and somehow chile stew is to blame. I myself wasn’t there at the very beginning — that fateful day when Tom Guralnick sat down to have a conversation with that bowl of chile stew — but I was not far away in the future (the first event Janet & I attended had to be September or August 1991). (Tom has always claimed it was the chile stew that got him to trade in his Boston baked beans and throw in with Albuquerque back in 1976.)

Today on the Thursday jazz radio show I’ll be playing recordings made during performance at the Outpost in celebration of this anniversary. The list of manifestations that have atomized that stage is staggering. Go to www.outpostspace.org to see complete list of artists who have worked there over the years. And if you are curious to know more about the history of this club pop by the Outpost this same evening to listen to Tom and myself in conversation regarding the odyssey that has been the Outpost Performance Space and what the continuing odyssey will be, as Tom has not retired his oars, yet. Fare forward voyagers. We’ll be sitting on the very stage JG & Tom & I built back in April 2000. This will be filmed for television by the A-Alive production team.

One of the great things that Outpost has provided over the years is a social milieu — as a locus for people to meet and talk. Not that we’re talking during performances, but there is usually a break between sets and time then to meet and visit and talk, and also before and afterwards. Very important for the health of any community.

The first couple years (founded March 1988) Outpost presentations were in various locations and concert halls. Fall of 1990 the original Outpost Performance Space opened at 112 Morningside Drive SE in Albuquerque, with the ensemble Curlew. Then, in May of 2000 opened at new location about two miles west of there, at present location: 210 Yale SE.

Some of my favorites that I hope we have time to play on the show from the Outpost have been: Connie Crothers Quartet, Odean Pope Trio, Bob Haggart, J.A. Deane’s Out of Context, Bucky Pizzarelli, Kenny Davern, Howard Alden, Patti Littlefield, SuperSax New Mexico, Anthony Braxton, Buddy Collette, Vinny Golia, Lee Konitz, Sam Rivers, Bill Plake solo, Lisa Polisar, Lenny White, Dave Holland’s fantastic groups over the years, Michael Vlatkovich Quartet, Bayou Seco, EVAN PARKER, Jimmy Cobb, Quartet For A Day w/Leo Smith, Todd Moore, Judy Christopher, Bobby Bradford Mo’tet, ICP, Bud Shank, Doug Lawrence, Geri Allen Trio w/Billy Hart, Horace Tapscott, Charles McPherson, ICP w/ Kenny Davern, Rashied Ali Quartet, Joshua Breakstone, Giacomo Gates, Ali Ryerson (we share the same birthday!), Fred Sturm, and so many others like these in the pictures . . . .

Steve Lacy Trio + Roswell Rudd — Outpost Performance Space — April 5, 1999 — Jean-Jacques Avenel,bass; John Betsch, drums — photo by Mark Weber — Steve Lacy played Outpost many times over the years, usually booked for two nights — Steve’s music was incredibly distilled during these years, his tunes boiled down to their essence, and his Trio were pure chamber.

Bobby Shew-Gary Foster Quintet at Outpost Performance Space — July 19, 2007 — David Parlato, bass; Gary Foster, saxes & flutes; Stu MacAskie, piano; John Bartlit, drums; Bobby Shew, trumpet & flugelhorn — This was David Parlato’s official last gig before he retired! So, a couple of us were watching to see what his LAST NOTE would be: F — photo by Mark Weber — We’ll listen to a recording of Lanny Morgan’s tune “Friends Again” from this evening (Lanny wrote that line on the chords to “Just Friends”)

Jamie Baum Quartet — Outpost Performance Space — August 17, 1998 — David Parlato, bass; Michael Kenyon, drums; Robbie Wilkerson, alto & soprano saxes; Jamie on flute — Jamie has visited Outpost (from NYC) at least, twice, maybe three times? always meaningful — photo by Mark Weber

Steve Schmidt at Fly On The Wall Studios, Santa Fe, New Mexico — December 25, 2o12 — many of the live recordings at Outpost were engineered by Steve — photo by Mark Weber

Nick Brignola-Roger Kellaway Quartet — Outpost Performance Space — September 13, 1999 — David Parlato, bass; John Trentacosta, drums; Nick, soprano & baritone sax; Roger, Steinway — David has always claimed this as one of his all-time favorite gigs to have played (David and John lived in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, respectively)(David has since re-located to Santa Fe and is a hypnotherapist)(Nick flew in from Albany and Roger flew in from Los Angeles) — I wish we had recordings of this evening! WOW, they were smokin’ — I remember Roger during a solo ( I was sitting near the piano and could see his fingers) got himself into a fix where a phrase he was working up wouldn’t fit into the structure and he just had to laugh it off: And that’s what jazz is all about, it was tremendous just that way — photo by Mark Weber

The Schulldogs recorded their record HELLBENT on this night Live at the Outpost — George Schuller, drums; Tony Malaby, tenor sax; Ed Schuller, bass; Tim Berne, alto sax — November 13, 2000 — photo by Mark Weber

Ray Anderson’s Pocket Brass @ Outpost — October 12, 1999 — Eddie Allen, trumpet; Ray Davila, tuba; Johnny Vidacovich, drums; Ray Anderson, trombone & vocals — Pocket Brass played two nights at the Outpost and could have played two weeks they were so on the case — photo by Mark Weber

Herbie Mann & Sona Terra — May 15, 2000 — opening night of new Outpost Performance Space — Gil Goldstein, accordion; Paul Socolow, bass; Geoff Mann, drums; Herbie Mann, flute; (not pictured: Alexander Fedoriouk, cimbalom; Bruce Dunlap, guitar) — photo by Mark Weber

First Take Trio — Outpost Performance Space — February 14, 2o13 — Michael Anthony, guitar; Cal Haines, drums; Michael Glynn, bass; (those are Arlen Asher’s horns who played the following set accompanied by First Take) — photo by Mark Weber

Philadelphia Jerry Ricks at old Outpost — May 22, 1999 — Tom has booked a lot of old blues guys over the years, like Johnny Shines, Pops Staples, Honeyboy Edwards, and many others (Honeyboy Edwards made a record at the Outpost maybe I’ll play some of that) — anyway, the late Jerry Ricks was quite a revelation for me, what a great bluesman, he was a mixture of “Piedmont” finger-picking and Mississippi Delta, and purely contemporary — photo by Mark Weber

John Trentacosta’s Straight Up — standing out in the back of the old Outpost — April 17, 2000 — Arlen Asher, woodwinds; Bob Fox, pianist; John Trentacosta, drums; David Parlato, bass; Michael Morreale, trumpet — this is near the end of the tenure at this location — within a month the new Outpost Performance Space opens — photo by Mark Weber

Kazzrie Jaxen in the Delaware River, Callicoon, New York — August 7, 2o11 — photo by Mark Weber — Kazzrie’s concert at the Outpost the year before this photo was off the map — it was like we all levitated or something, none of us were ever the same afterwards — I’ll play some of her solo piano music from this concert


  1. Rick DiZenzo

    Viva the Outpost and Tom! Where else could a guy like me get to meet Jimmy Carl Black and have him draw nipples on my original copy of “We’re Only in it for the Money?” When I told Jimmy, “hey man, you got me through high school.” He said, with kinda of a Texas accent and sincerity, “well,…I’m just glad I could help.” Great pictures (preservation) Mark!

  2. John Breckow

    Time to get out the classic “Green Gin” by Ernie Andrews… i think it was originally on GEM a small L.A. 78 label and it has been bootlegged on a number of cds. It is also been posted on YouTube and it is worth a look. It is a melancholy Blues, unlike most post war L.A. Blues in that it has a decidedly avant meditative edge.This is more like a tone poem and resides in Mingus’ neighborhood of “weird nightmare” but more of a slow drag. It cries out for some Lester obbligato and is like a “four o’clock drag”.You know people dwell on the uptempo Basie Lester because it is like a waterfall, natural beauty, flowing like the divine intervention of a higher power OR the melodic little chasms he finds in the popular song to take it to a new emotional place, BUT it is the Blues. Slow drag, drop dead, Jo Jones spreading his brushes and basting the cymbal behind him where Prez glows in the shadows and a hint of brightness lights it, makes the solo glow. Most of this Prez is pre WW2 seems that after the war the Blues and that inner light was lost and the further he got away from Kansas City and those musicians it became a photograph, then a snapshot, then a distant memory of a lost innocence of the ability to create that sound subconsciously. So wind up a few of those kc6 and keynote and basie small groups and don’t forget the clarinet. jb

  3. Cal Haines

    hi mark–great article and photos — nice

  4. Bobby Shew

    Mark….thanks for presenting this info and these historic photos from the Outpost. Great to see all that of the varied performers that Tom has brought in. He amazes me!


  5. Steve Peters

    ABQ can’t begin to pay back what they owe TG and the Outpost for all of the amazing music that has happened there. Every city should be so lucky.

  6. Tom Guralnick

    Mark, this is fantastic… what great photos and what great memories. Things I even forgot about (I’m saying which ones I forgot!). Really looking forward to Thursday night. But go easy on me… and regarding Steve Peters’ comment above, thanks Steve. I feel the same about you and all you have done here and in Seattle. But I have to say that I can’t begin to pay back Albuquerque and the community (near and far, musician and non-musician) for all that it has allowed me to do and enjoy. Every person should be so lucky as me.

  7. Tom Guralnick

    I meant to say that I’m NOT saying which ones I forgot!

  8. Steve Elkins

    This conversation with Tom and Mark, historic in its own right, will be recorded for broadcast on the Alive@The Oupost program on Comcast Cable channel 26 later this year.

    Tom seems to help enrich lives on a daily basis and we are proud to be a small part of celebrating the impact that the Oupost has had on music in New Mexico.

    Mark, thanks for the teaser with this blog!

  9. Doug Lawrence

    Albuquerque and New Mexico are so lucky to have Tom Guralnick. Thanks for presenting this Mark. I’ll be streaming the program from touring today. Long Live Tom Guralnick and the Outpost!

  10. Mark Weber

    Souren Baronian of the quintet Taksim wrote a tune in honor of Tom called “Outpost Five” (5/4) that appears on their cd TRANSITION —- Souren is a follower of Charlie Parker and Lester Young and studied with Lennie Tristano and lives in Greenwich Village and his band Taksim is a fusion of Middle Eastern & bop

  11. Mark Weber

    OUTPOST AT 25 Jazz Radio Show
    May 2, 2o13
    *All music recorded Live at Outpost Performance Space
    1. Steve Lacy “Eronel” solo — 18july93
    2. ORJO “St James Infirmary” (arr. & conducted by
    Roger Baker w/ Laney Macdonald, vocals– 15dec97
    3. Kenny Davern Quartet “Spreadin’ Knowledge Around” — December 2004
    4. Honeyboy Edwards “Little Boy Blue” — 11dec04
    5. Bobby Shew-Gary Foster Quintet “Friends Again”(Lanny
    Morgan) — 19july07
    6. Kazzrie Jaxen “Lennie’s Pennies” — 21oct10
    7. Doug Lawrence Quartet w/George Cables “I Wish I Knew” — 19may97
    8. Tom Guralnick TG3 “Time Waits” alto solo excerpt — 22may2000
    9. Dimi DiSanti Trio “Cyclops” — 19july04
    10. First Take Trio “It’s All Right With Me” — 14feb13
    11. Bobby Bradford Mo’tet “Have You Seen Sideman?” — 12apr04
    12. Ray Anderson Pocket Brass — New Orleans parade tune — 11oct99

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