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It gets dark early this time of year
bare trees and full moon
everything is slowed down, quiet
Luckily, I cover’d the woodpile
before the last snow storm

I have a dictionary in my lap
and a cup of Lapsang Souchong
on the end table, after a morning
of Earl Gray I take Lapsang before
the sun goes down, and a book

I don’t like to stoke the fire in
any way, preferring to allow it
to take its own course, pine, aged
mulberry, elm, mimosa, all scavenged
around Albuquerque, downed in the wind: Never
take a tree just for burning, that’s bad luck,
there is a map to show you the way ——-

I have to write some sad letters, these two
Christmas cards addressed to my mother
from old friends of hers


I was lucky, I was loved ---- me & my Mom ---- circa 1974 Upland, California

I was lucky, I was loved —- me & my Mom —- circa 1974 Upland, California


  1. Mark Weber

    The top photo is my Mom at age 44 —— 1977 —- photo by me with my Fujica ST-701 SLR 35mm Tri-X

  2. Mark Weber

    Gee, after this fuzzy Brownie photo has been doctored up, I didnt realize I look half in the bag

  3. Mark Weber

    Joyce LaDean Weber nee Bond
    April 21, 1933 – June 14, 2o15
    Alzheimer’s took her away age 82

  4. Joshua Breakstone

    Great, beautiful and touching (as always from you) start to 2016, Mark……See you in March!

  5. Daisy

    Thanks for sharing this special memory and loss.

  6. Mark Weber

    Joshua, I hope you find time to come on down to my radio show when you’re in state!
    And thank you, Daisy, coming from you that means a lot to me, see you around Placitas . . . . . . .

  7. Andrea Wolper

    How beautiful – everything about this post.

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