All About Jazz / Interview with Mark Weber by Tessa Souter & Andrea Wolper

Mark Weber | 25oct 2014 | Photo by Cal Haines

Mark Weber | 25oct 2014 | Photo by Cal Haines

by Tessa Souter & Andrea Wolper / Two vocalists who also write

Tessa Souter and Andrea Wolper are New York-based jazz vocalists and professional writers. For more information about Tessa and Andrea, visit their individual All About Jazz individual profiles,,, and

This article was published May 7, 2018 at All About Jazz

Maybe I’m like those early 20th-century country folk who would walk ten miles just to see some guy in a suit (Coleman Hawkins, let’s say) play a shiny saxophone? There’s a nobility to this music, and you just want to be wherever it is manifesting. — Mark Weber


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  1. Mark Weber

    I’m not sure the photos at the AAJ website are identified ———— the first one is me & saxophonist Hal McKusick at his pad in Sag Harbor, Long Island————– on the slide show: that’s me & Michael Vlatkovich

  2. Mark Weber

    AND—————–thank you Tessa Souter and Andrea Wolper, singers magnifico, that was fun—————–Love from MW

  3. Mark Weber

    the microbial jazz radio show
    May 10, 2o18
    KUNM Albuquerque
    1. Art Pepper – Jack Montrose Quintet “The Way You Look Tonight” (long version)–25aug53 very early in Art’s career—— w/ Monte Budwig(bass), Claude Williamson(piano), Larry Bunker(drums), Art(alto), Jack(tenor)—fabulous interplay between the horns — cd THE DISCOVERY SESSIONS (Savoy)
    2. Tiny Grimes w/ Jerome Richardson(baritone), Ray Bryant(piano), Wendell Marshal(bass), Art Taylor(drums), Tiny Grimes(guitar) — “Annie Laurie” — 13aug59 cd TINY IN SWINGVILLE (Prestige)
    3. Tiny Grimes “Callin’ the Blues” w/ J.C. Higginbotham(trombone), Eddie Lockjaw Davis(tenor), Ray Bryant(piano), Osie Johnson(drums) — 18july58 cd CALLIN’ THE BLUES (Prestige)
    4. Urbie Green Octet “Old Time Modern” w/ solos: Ruby Braff(trumpet), Med Flory(alto), Urbie(trombone), Frank Wess(tenor) — 17aug54 — Freddie Greene(guitar), Aaron Bell(bass), Bobby Donaldson(drums), Sir Charles Thompson(piano) cd URBIE GREEN SEPTET & OCTET (Fresh Sound)
    5. Hal McKusick Septet –4apr56—– “Tommy Hawk” w/ Jimmy Cleveland(trombone), Hal(alto), Art Farmer(trumpet), Sol Schilinger(baritone), Barry Galbraith(guitar), Milt Hinton(bass), Osie Johnson(drums) album THE JAZZ WORKSHOP (RCA)
    6. Hal McKusick Quartet “Lydian Lullaby) –3march56 w/ Barry Galbraith, Milt Hinton, Osie Johnson
    7. Andy & Niklas Fite “Happy Baby” circa 2o15 in quartet w/ Maurtiz Agnes(bass), Sebastian Voegler(drums), Andy & Niklas(guitars) cd PICKSBURGH! *see Andy’s website
    8. Art Pepper Quartet “Gone with the Wind” — Nov.1960 w/ Dolo Coker(piano), Jimmy Bond(bass), Frank Butler(drums) — cd INTENSITY (Contemporary)
    9. John Raymond Trio “The Times They Are a Changin'” (Dylan) *This trio out of Brooklyn performing at the Outpost this night, in Albuquerque
    10. Art Pepper Quartet “Red Car” w/ Milcho Leviev(piano), David Williams(bass), Carl Burnett(drums) — Live at Parnell’s, Seattle — January 28, 1981 — Lp NEON ART: VOLUME ONE (Widow’s Taste) *Art kept this original tune of his in his repertoire for years, first found on his 1976 album THE TRIP and 9 subsequent times on records/cdS
    11. Sandy Bull electric guitar solo “Gavotte #2” (Bach) — circa 1962 — Lp INVENTIONS (Vanguard)
    ******Monday May 14 I’ll be guest co-host on KSFR Santa Fe with Arlen Asher as we spin 3 hours of Art Pepper beginning at 9am

  4. Mark Weber


    Thursday Edition of All That Jazz
    May 17, 2018
    KUNM Albuquerque

    1. Art Pepper Quartet “The Trip” — Sept. 1976 L.A. w/ George Cables(piano), David Williams(bass), Elvin Jones(drums), Art Pepper(alto) ——- I always forget that Art worked with Elvin before the renowned week-long date at The Village Vanguard (July 1977) but here he is on this album THE TRIP (Contemporary)
    2. Eddie Safranski’s Poll Cats “Sa-Frantic” — 20cec47 Los Angeles w/ Ray Wetzel(trumpet), Eddie Bert(trombone), Art Pepper(alto), Pete Rugolo(piano & arranger), Shelly Manne(drums), Bob Cooper(tenor), Eddie Safranski(bass) ** I think of Eddie Safranski (1918-1974) as part of Lennie Tristano’s bands for some reason, and that could be because for years the only available LT records were the Lp on his 1949 Capitol sessions and the French CBS Lp NEW YORK SCENE IN THE 40’s which had the 1950 Metronome All Stars with both of them,
    otherwise, Eddie never played with LT, and in general was on the Coast via his years with Kenton
    3. Art Pepper Quartet — His first session under his own name — 4 march52 “Brown Gold” w/ Joe Mondragon(bass), Larry Bunker(drums), Hampton Hawes(piano) cd THE DISCOVERY SESSIONS (Savoy)
    4. Art Pepper + Eleven “Groovin’ High” arranged by Marty Paich — 28march1959
    5. Ed Bickert & Sonny Greenwich Quartet — 2 guitars + Don Thompson(bass) & Terry Clarke(drums) cd DAYS GONE BY (Sackville) “I Remember You”
    6. Anthony Ortega Quartet “Strolling Through the Casbah” — 1961 NYC w/ Anthony multiple flute over-dubs and alto solo * I’ll have to ask Anthony, a long-time Angeleno, if he’s ever been to Tunisia?
    7. George McMullin Trio — 16aug2015 title track “Boomerang” w/ George(trombone), Alex Cline(drums), Nick Rosen(bass) —cd BOOMERANG (pfMENTUM)
    8. Bryant-Fabian-Marsalis “Five Minute Blues” — Nov. 2o16 cd DO FOR YOU? (Consolidated Artists Records) w/ Lance Bryant(tenor), Christian Fabia(bass), Jason Marsalis(drums)
    9. Russell Malone Quartet “Blue Daniel”(Rosolino) cd LIVE AT THE JAZZ STANDARD Vol. One (Maxjazz) w/ Martin Bejerand(piano), Tassili Bond(bass), Johnathan Blake(drums), Russell Malone(guitar)
    AT THIS POINT in the show I explained how I had a dream last night where I was interviewing Ringo Starr on the Thursday jazz show and we were enthusiastically talking about all the great saxophonists of early-1960s London: Ronnie Scott, Tony Coe, Joe Harriott, Dick Morrissey, and pianist Stan Tracey, and trumpeter Jimmy Deuchar, and the jazz drummer that was such an influence on Ginger Baker: Phil Seamen, and of course, Tubby >>>
    10. Tubby Hayes Quartet “Tin Tin Deo” (composed by Gil Fuller & Chano Pozo, and not Bird & Diz as listed on the package)(on the air I questioned this authorship saying it sounded more like George Russell or Ray Bryant) — December 1959 London England — cd TUBBY’S NEW GROOVE (Candid) w/ Phil Seamen(drums), Jeff Clyne(bass), Terry Shannon(piano), Tubby(tenor)
    11. Jimmy Deuchar 7-tet “Bass House” — 26apr55 London w/ solos all around: Derek Humble(baritone), Tubby Hayes(tenor), Ken Wray(trombone), Victor Feldman(piano), Lennie Bush(bass), Phil Seamen(drums), Jimmy Deuchar(trumpet & composition)
    12. Alan Barnes Quartet “Las Cuevas de Mario”(Art Pepper) — July 2011 recorded in England w/ Alan Barnes(alto), Craig Milverton(piano), Al Swainger(bass), Nick Millward(drums) cd THE ART TRIP (Woodville Records)

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