J.A. Deane | Bill Frisell | Terry Rolleri | These Times | Zerx | CD

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“You gotta see this one to believe it. Take it out for a spin… Dino in Boston, 1988,…

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J.A. DEANE– trombone/electronics, multiple drum machines | BILL FRISELL- electric guitar | TERRY ROLLERI – electric guitars

Tracklist: 1. MEL 25 [6:12] 2. CONVERSATION [8:35] 3. THESE TIMES [15:11] 4. BLACK BURST [1:37] 5. BELLS [2:27] 6. STOMP [3:09] 7. ROTOCASTER [10:12] 8. EIGHTY-EIGHT [11:47]

Recorded in concert October 5th 1988 at The Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston. Mastered at Quincy Adams Productions 2000. Front cover artwork by Mark Weber. All c & p Indoor Life Music 2000. ZERX 028

These Times was recorded in concert at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston in 1988 and was released on ZERX (028) in 2000. I am playing trombone, electronics, sampler & multiple drum machines. Bill Frisell is playing guitar & live-looping and Terry Rolleri is playing guitar & live-looping. Bill and Terry had never played together but I had played with them both and was very exited to get them in this trio together. Terry was into a tuning strategy he called “sound tuning”, where you tune each string independently and not to any particular reference pitch. After we played a bit at the sound-check, Terry went off to find an espresso and Bill put down his guitar, walked over to Terry’s guitar and softly plucked each of the open strings, one at a time. He stood there for a moment and then turned to me and said “I have no idea what he is doing”. The selection is called Conversation. — Dino



J.A. Deane — October 20, 1995 — Outpost Performance Space, Albuquerque — photo by Mark Weber

Bill Frisell Quartet — September 29, 1997 @ Outpost Performance Space, Albuquerque — Eyvind Kang, violin; Ron Miles, trumpet; Curtis Fowlkes, trombone; Bill Frisell, guitar — photo by Mark Weber